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Working on it...

I know, it's annoying to not see content on the page you're looking at. I really am working on putting stuff here. Till I can get a more relevant theme going here, please enjoy a couple of my "Let's Play" series videos on YouTube!

Would love for you to Like, Subscribe and Share. It would greatly help out the channel. Thank you in advance!

Wait, I almost forgot!

I actually DID have some content posted on YouTube. Funny you know how content creators all around the world play games and they never get copyright strikes against them? Yeah, well apparently YouTube decided to give me 2 copyright strikes. One for Borderlands 3 and 1 for Jedi Fallen Order. Until I can either figure out how to NOT get screwed over by YouTube OR maybe set up a Twitch stream, the videos of "Let's Play" will not be available

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